Prism Shard's Shadowrun Campaign

The story so far

Nov 2074

Sat 9:15

Big Rhino 10PM Orc Bar, hosted a pig roast this time

Man in a suit with a comb over

Quick + Decisive action

Retrieval of missing persons

Flight arrives from Denver today 8:15pm

picked up

left airport

9:04pm voice mail from nanny/driver (Ms. Wells) about trouble would not arrive as expected

2 persons: 9yo boy 7yo girl

Alive + Unharmed

7K upfront + 50K + 20K if perpetrators come to unpleasant and final end

9:10 should have arrived home

6 minutes from home problems erupted

Home is 55 minutes from plane to house

Contact once kids are retrieved

Arthur and Jennifer Compton

Nanny (Janine Wells) is trained bodyguard/driver

Shot out tires by go gangers

4-5 hell hounds

6+ of them

En route to Everett, North of Seattle, 405 north of Redmond

Personal favor to the king to keep our mouth’s shut about the details

Hell Hound’s Frequent Ed’s Diner off the 405

Left the highway near Bellevue

Grab ganger

Drive by diner

Matrix surveillance – not much there, shitty neighborhood

Spirit search – ongoing

Semi-trailer’s converted to buildings around Ed’s Diner

10 Gangers unconscious or dead inside

15 Gangers unconscious, dead, or fled outside

Trailers full of locals, didn’t appear connected in a serious way

Things to do:
Await spirit arrival just in the nick of time when we run out of all other options


Van A

Driver: Haze

Passengers: Maverick

Van B

Driver: Fraguire

Passengers:Kit, The Kid, tiny

Prisoner gang member


30 Pistols Browning Max Powers

6 Defiance T-250’s

4 Uzi 4’s

1 Ares Predator V

1 Ingram Smartgun W/ Mods

1 Remote Control Console (Rigger) (the Kid)

1 Doberman drone

195 Nuyen (Ghoul Payment)


Crashing at cannery, often a spot for squatters, and today, hurried shadowrunners looking for a place to lay low.

broken glass scattered on stairs

Holed up in office up rickety-ass stairs

Squatter sent out for an hour

Someone probably killed/captured 6 hell hounds out for a ride 2 days ago

Probably used their gear as costumes for the kidnapping

Bodies found in dumpster outside of Super 8 hotel

Killed gang lieutenant after interrogation. Cyberware was retrieved by Frank the Ghoul.

The Kid tried to Hack Lone Star, found nothing by Ice, Ice, Black Ice…

Found 6 bodies in a dumpster, google search.

Checked area, found video servailence of a rover pulling up and dumping 6 packages.

Tracked the rover to a house, the Kid got marks on the cameras, and equipment, comms in the house. Yeah. Sexxxy.


2 story house in suburbia (Bellevue)

Owned by Karl Smith, purchased 2 weeks earlier

Great room in basement, fireplace + balcony

kitchen, den, bedroom downstairs

4 commlinks, 1 upstairs, 2 in greatroom, 1 in kitchen

4 outdoor cameras, linked to a commlink. Searching the footage stored on the comm link, no outside guard dogs, but in the space of 30 min, a bulldog van drives by 4 times.

Maverick and Kit astrally perceive and invisibly scout. Found the kid’s commlinks on the mantle.

5AM Sunday morning.

The kid does a matrix perception for anything running silent in the area and finds a small music player next to each camera. After getting 3 marks on one he realizes they are not music players but stealth arrays for sounds, motion, heat..

The gang is heading for the stuffer shack, except Maverick, he stays behind(invisible). He sees somebody in a chameleon suit. The guys in the van come back, park around the corner.

Big battle commences. Enemy decker gets bricked. Rotodrone shoots Tiny with a Narcojet dart. Roto drone gets bricked. Kit astrally knifes an elemental. couple more show up. Kit mana balls them. Maverick(invisible) gets into a gunfight with an elf. The elf is pretty darn tough and won’t die. The elf drops a thermal smoke grenade to even up the invisibility but Maverick uses Sonar and drops him with the Super Warhawk.Haze takes a round to aim at a dastardly Elf, then sprays him with a full auto blast and drops him. Kit summons a fire elemental and sics it on the enemy shaman.

Banging coming from the basement door, but it has a tricky maglock. After breaking the door down, Haze is facing a big drone with a very big gun. After defeating the drone we head downstairs to find the kids and Mrs Wells in a cage rigged to car batteries and 2 small drones. We clear the drones and the batteries, get the kids out and do a quick search of the bodies.

4-uzi (customs, smart link, under barrel, imageing scopes, 2 have gas vent 3, 2 have suppressers.6 clips of explosive ammo 8 clips gel round 2 clips APDS (24 per clip)

3 smoke grenade, 3 flash pack

rating 6 commlink

throwing knives

grapple gun (damaged)

2 crawlers drone w/ingram smart guns explosive ammo(500 rounds) gas vent 3

One unconscious elf

Various bodies. ( 1 elf, 1 slightly used ork)
Karma (+8)

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